Metal Testing by Metallurgical Associates, Grass Valley, California, Robert C. Helminiak - Principal Technician  and Lab Manager
Metallurgical Associates
Metal Testing/Failure Analysis, Welding Tests, Certification & Evaluation

Grass Valley, California
(Between Sacramento, California and Reno, Nevada)
Serving California, Nevada and Worldwide by Arrangement

Robert C. Helminiak
Principal Technician and Lab Manager
530 272-6052


Metal Testing & Reverse Engineering - Microscopic Analysis - Welding Tests, Certification & Evaluation - Metals Hardness Testing
Tensile Testing - Metal Failure Analysis - Weld Failure Analysis - Metal Microscopic Examination - Plating Thickness Tests - Procurement Consulting - Expert Witness

Our clients come from the following fields: Metal Heat Treaters, Steel suppliers, Metal Fabricators, Engineers in the Metal Industry, Metal Platers, Insurance Adjusters (automotive & marine failure), Metal Testing Labs, Government Welding Fabricators, Spring Manufactures, Gun Smiths, Automotive parts fabricators, Solar Hardware suppliers, Lighting fixture Manufactures, Tire Chain Suppliers, Oil & Gas pipeline Manufactures, Light rail, train, transit system (bullet train), Farm machinery production & maintenance, Metal shredding machinery. While our clients are located all across the country and even worldwide, we regularly do work for people in Sacramento, California., San Francisco, California., Reno, Nevada., and Carson City, Nevada.
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